Welcome To Ritmo Music Productions

Ritmo is a Latin Music group playing a range of latin jazz, traditional and popular Latin American music that covers both instrumental and vocal numbers.

Ritmo, meaning "rhythm" in Spanish, was formed by Ricardo Andino (guitar/vocals) and Jane Butler/ Andino (keyboard/vocals) in 1997. As a duo, they perform a wide range of styles; son, bolero, bossa nova, rumba flamenco, latin-jazz originals.

In concert performances of their show "Touring Latin America", they take the audience on a journey across the continent from the Carribean coast of Cuba, Mexico and other parts of Central America, through Peru and down south to Brazil and Argentina.

When performing as a trio, they are joined by Beata Robins (percussion/vocals). The Ritmo Trio can provide a repertoire that is adaptable to any occasion and venue, from cocktail functions and weddings to corporate functions, club and cabaret venues. This repertoire ranges from low-key latin jazz, bossa nova, boleros and flamenco to more upbeat latin dance rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cha cha cha and son. This reflects the international quality and experience of the band. The group can also be expanded to include sax/flute and bass.

As soloists, Ricardo and Jane both perform soft background music in classical, jazz and latin styles, suitable for weddings or parties. In particular, as a singer/guitarist, Ricardo can provide a strolling ambience and music for out-door ceremonies.

Jane & Ricardo